The Spirit Guides

Aloha and welcome back. Today I am writing a little bit more about spirit guides. Specifically, what are Spirit guides? Who are these beings that are watching, waiting, loving, and supporting you, on your amazing journey here on Earth?

First things first, when I began receiving channeled information I had a perception that I was communicating with angels, former human beings that have lived life or lives on earth, and spiritual leaders of some sort, either prophets or like Buddha, Jesus, those types of beings. I think Kuan Yin is actually quite well known as being the former human, that was passing on to Nirvana and chose instead to stay in the fourth dimension to assist human beings on their journey. That’s a very good example of a spirit guide. 

As time has gone by though, I have come to understand that thinking guides are angelic beings or former human beings is actually quite limiting. There are beings from places which I don’t have the capacity to understand where they are from, or even how to describe them to you. They are non-physical entities that are here to love and support us on our human journey. So I simply now refer to guides most of the time, as non-physical beings or non-physical entities. Again, this is so that I don’t place limits on where information is available. An of course, as part of the process, we always do our grounding and clearing ceremonies, before we go into session work with spirits. We always say our clearing prayer that seals out any type of negativity, any mischief-making energies, and invites in only those that have our highest intention available. 

So, there’s never a time when your team is not with you. And there’s rarely a time when your team has nothing to say to you. They desire to connect and communicate with us just as much as we want to connect and communicate with them. Your desire really is the key. The strength of your intention is what makes this partnership possible. Whether you’re doing this with a medium like myself or another type of psychic or a Reiki Master or someone who also does a shaman, someone else that does an energy healing arts work, or whether you want to do this in the privacy of your own home, just yourself in your team. The most important component, really, is your desire. That works as a web that connects you with your team and makes the communication possible.

On that note, you don’t always get what you want. You don’t always get messages that you are desiring. There is a spiritual “tough love” out there. So be prepared. You may not hear what you want, but your team is going to say to you what you need to hear. And they love to assign homework. So oftentimes, I suggest people have a pen and paper, close at hand, or record sessions, so they can refer back to the assigned homework.

If you’re reaching out to your team, especially if you’re desiring support in some decision-making process, actually following through with what they advise you to do or suggest that you do is honoring them. That helps to build a bridge between your two worlds. And I describe it as a bridge between heaven and earth. As that bridge strengthens your communication becomes more believable for you, happening on a more frequent basis. Be prepared for your life to transform. the potential is there to go from point A to a really different-looking point B. 

If you choose to ignore the advice given, and I have seen this happen time and time again, your guides may eventually be prompted to step back into the periphery, the background, still observing, still supporting energetically with you, but no longer offering advice and direct communication with you. They feel like if they have done their part, and if you’re not honoring your partnership with them, then they will step back, weaken the connection and allow you the space to continue on individually, independently, and test out your decision-making processes without their influence to see how it goes. 

Your guides experience all of your successes as originally as you do. You guys laugh together you cry together. It’s dreamy, it’s frightening, it’s trying. However, your team never judges any of your efforts as failures. They’re merely seen as the outcomes of the choices that you have made, no judgment, No blame, no shame. Matter of fact they only recognize the courage that is behind those efforts that you make. Doing something is an act of courage, no matter if you feel like you’ve fallen flat on your face, or if you feel like you’ve won. So, with that recognition, they are beaming you lots of love and appreciation for your willingness to participate with them on these journeys. We’re in it together. They’re supporting you. They’re loving you. And they’re with you every moment. So on that note, I will close. And again, the links if you feel motivated to reach out, ask a question, get in contact. I hope to see you again, a hui hou! 

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