The First Message I Shared As a Medium

Today I remembered something that  I want to share with you. It’s about the first time that I shared information with a friend about their loved ones that I received as channeled information. So working as a medium with information that was shared with me from the other side. 

It was a good friend of mine at the time, whose mother was quite ill and in the hospital. I was actually on vacation at that time, before I lived on Maui. I was here vacationing. And it was late in the evening, and I was lying on this enormous beach virtually alone, looking up at the stars, with no lights around to block any of the stars, and as I gazed into the heavens, in wonder about the splendor and the vastness, I saw a picture of my friend’s mother lying in a hospital bed quite still. 

And I knew that she was not going to sit up. And along with that I also saw my friend’s father, who was not the healthiest guy on the planet. He didn’t take care of himself very well, and he was a little bit of a curmudgeon, he was kind of grouchy and grumpy all the time. But I was given the insight that he was going to really surprise her in how long he was going to be with her. 

So yes I did share this information with my friend, I felt compelled to do it, there was no way I could continue comfortably without sharing the information. I knew it was important, so I called her, and I relayed these things to her that her mother was in the bed and was not going to get up, but her father was going to really surprise her. 

And, yeah, that is kind of the way it all came down. Her mother did eventually pass, and I was able to say goodbye to her. I made it to their home before she passed away, and I set up with her and read from “Conversations with God” a little bit, and my friend’s father lived for quite a few years after that, very independently. When he did pass it was unexpected, but it was pretty quick. 

And now that I’m thinking about it I went to a medium circle or group, a couple of years later, and that same mother came through and thanked me for spending time and reading a book to her. 

So there you have it, one of my first experiences as a medium. And if any of you are getting messages, I encourage you, if you’re curious at all about this process. dive in. It’s a wonderful way to share our love which is a gift from our guides. So, hope you’re having a great day. A hui hou. 

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