The Day I Became A Medium

I would like to share with you the story of the very first time, I received a huge download of information from souls as a medium. This occurred a long time ago, I was in my 20s and so we’re talking probably the mid-1980s which was a great time to be in your 20s by the way. And I was attending a psychic development class, which was something that I did often. And in this particular class, I was introduced to automatic writing. Yes, where we get into our meditative state and get grounded, centered, cleared, set up our boundaries. And with paper and pen or pencil, we begin to take down information that passes through us. And as I was sitting there, I began to feel the presence of a lot of souls. I was fairly inexperienced at the time with channeled information. I was sensitive, I was definitely an empath. I was very aware on the earth plane that I knew things about people, places, and things. But this was new for me to get this kind of a download of information from non-physical entities, or souls.

 So it turned out that I was downloading memories or echoes of what happened, April 15, 1912- the night the Titanic went down. I still get chicken skin still. I heard crying, screaming, all the despair, all the shock, all the horror of what those souls that perished went through. And the souls that lived through it, too, because there’s only about 20 survivors left at the time I was channeling this. 

But nevertheless, there I was, with all of those souls. And I don’t even remember what I wrote on the page, in my mind, if I close my eyes, I can see that that I had written things on the page in front of me, I don’t know what it was. All I know is when we came up out of that period, I was freaked out. 

When they asked me what my experience had been, I was very emotional, I was really close to tears, I was trembling. I was really overwhelmed, energetically and emotionally. I wanted to flee the room. So it was the end of the class and I wanted to get up and run out to my car and they would not let me do that. I should thank them all because I was in distress. They helped me to sit down, take some time out and communicate what I could process in the moment, and get me calmed down before I got into my car.

 So I have lived with this for the rest of my life. I’ve seen the movies, I’ve watched the documentaries. And for the most part, I understand why I received that information. I myself don’t necessarily believe it’s a past life recall for me. I think it was just a very, very powerful moment in human time. That left a very, very deep impression energetically and a very, very loud, echo out there in the other realms.

 So I believe that it’s very easy to tap into. I think other ocean-going incidences can very quickly tap into that energy as well. If I watch a documentary about the Titanic, it doesn’t really affect me. But if I see images of artifacts, because I can sense the soul of the people that those artifacts belonged to at one time it’s very easy for me to go back into the echo.

What do I mean by it’s just an echo? It’s not a haunting, it’s not souls that are in purgatory, it’s not souls that are being punished, not souls that will never be set free. It is a memory of something that happened that was profound. Nowadays, I don’t let it overcome me. I bring in information as I choose. But I also don’t choose to go into that space very often because I still find it very emotional.

So yes, we can connect with these things do we have to no, does it rule us, no! Remember, as a medium, the number one thing is, this is a volunteer position. You choose to do this in service. We can also choose not to. But I choose to, I love it. Communicating with souls is probably one of the favorite things that I do in this world. So I hope you found this interesting. It’s not exactly uplifting and joyful. I usually like to leave people feeling happy. But this is an aspect of what I do. So I thought I would share it with you. And if you have any questions, reach out, contact me and I’m happy to try and answer questions for you. So as always, from Maui aloha a hui hou. 

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