People come to Medium Betsy Palmer for answers to questions and connecting with spirit. See what they’ve said about their experiences with Betsy. 


Boise, ID

Betsy changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am today

A huge relief came over me after my first session with Betsy. The messages I received changed my perspective and helped pull me out of negative mindset of my past.

Susan V

Maui, HI

Betsy is accurate and gifted...

"I have worked with Betsy to connect with those who have crossed over as well as for her Mediumship Training. Betsy is grounded and gifted with her intuitive skills. Information flows to her freely and she is able to share with an accurate familiarity which provides comfort and reassurance. I honor my work with her as well. She has taught me to go within and find that voice that guides from the other side. It flows easily and effortlessly once you go through her training and use her workbook entitled You are Gifted."

Linsey M.

Temecula, CA

Betsy has a real gift.

I am so thankful for the abilities Betsy has and shares with us. Knowing that death is not the end has given my life and relationships a different sense of purpose.

Jeanine K

Hilo, HI

Get a session with Betsy and record it!

I have went to several different tarot readers, psychics and mediums over the last 20 years but Betsy is by far my favorite. Her information is honest and my late husband's personality really came through during the call. I knew it was him, because there is no way Betsy could have known or talked about the things she shared. I'm so glad I recorded it, I listen to it often to hear him again.

Augusta G.

Cedar Springs, CO

Betsy is amazing

I had my first reading with Betsy today. She was amazing. She devoted her time and more to guide me and giving me a vision on something that I can work on; she did it with compassion and heart felt care and involvement to see me succeed and move forward with confidence and positively. She also answered questions and picked up on my thoughts before I expressed them to her. She is that bridge you are looking for to cross that void when you feel lost, in pain or in need of answers. Thank you!

Theresa P

Payson, AZ

Betsy is helping me move forward

My fiancé passed away recently and I was lost. I had a reading with Betsy whose accuracy proved so accurate as to enable me to find some peace. I am going to have another reading knowing the messages I am given will allow me to move forward. I am so grateful to her.

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