Spirits in the Workplace


Today I am posting from a different setting, the office in a beautiful jewelry store in Wailea where I work. I truly love working in retail with fine jewelry in my day job. And you probably have seen some pictures on Instagram and Facebook if you follow me. So why am I posting from work? Because as a sensitive person and the medium in my workspace, I oftentimes am aware of non-physical beings around me. This has been pretty consistent for me for quite some time. And so I thought I would share some info about that. Now, I have been in some places in which the beings felt not so great, kind of dark, and not especially welcoming.

 The beings that are here on this property or at least that visit me and my space are actually pretty fun. As a matter of fact, they were pranking me on Friday. I stepped out of the office in my morning setup, and when I came back, the store phone was in the middle of the floor, and also there’s a little security camera in the showroom that jumps off its nail from time to time and falls on the floor. And so I have a lot of fun putting that back together again frequently. There’s also a door that creaks now I guess a sciency person would say that it’s just humidity and air conditioning and whatnot. But it can be absolutely quiet in here for hours and then all of a sudden the door does this little squeak, squeak, squeak thing that almost sounds like a puppy or a baby.

 So I talked to the beings here, they seem non-intrusive, non-invasive, then they really don’t want anything. They just seem to want me to notice that they’re here. So initially, I told them that they were messing with the wrong person and to be careful. But now they have changed from the squeaking and the things that weren’t animal were attention-getting but weren’t necessarily fun or funny, since I chastise them about that over and over and now they’ve started doing fun things by moving things around. And as long as it’s not a piece of jewelry that can get damaged, I’m enjoying it. That said, that’s my current situation.

 I have been in another situation before that was a little bit different. It was also a store that I loved, and with a team that I loved. They were an amazing team and they were all Sun sensitive and psychic and very much shamanism and magic in their lives. There was something in store when I first came on board that I would catch on the side of my eye from time to time from the back office about to the front door. It was like this little black ball would sit past on the floor and I noticed it a few times and then it went from slipping past on the floor to zipping past up above. And it was like a black ball of soot is what it appeared to be and what it was on the ground. I called it the black rat. So once it started flying around, I lost any kind of interest in playing nice with it. So I did bring in my power things and I did do a little bit of work to clear the space so yes, I did some smudging, I included crystals. And I did my own prayer or ceremony of intention. And that seemed to read the space of that. And as I was working through that process when I inquired what it was, what was this little rat, black rat. The information that I got was that it was a collective energy of disappointment. What did that mean? It was the remaining energy from people who had been in the space before me that for one reason or another had become very disappointed when they were in that space.

I interpreted that. The crash of 2008-09 would well guess what it started in 2006, probably a peak of the bubble with Lehman Brothers and all those things closed up.

Businesses in a tourist town like Maui also close. Well, the store that I was in, made it through that relatively unscathed. I think some of the people that were working there were deeply affected by lack of sales or perhaps having to move off-Island and move away from Paradise and return back to the mainland. So I think it was just some residual disappointment energy cleaning in that space. Once that was gone I never saw the black rat again. After I did the ritual and declared it was it was not to come back. So what am I doing here? I’m inviting whoever it is to communicate with me if they need to, appropriately. Obviously, it’s not appropriate for them to throw things on the floor and bond with the client. Again, setting boundaries having agreements checking in with the non-physical beings that may or may not be here all the time. But defining what I am willing to do and what I’m not willing to do.

 So if you ever have some kind of a situation going on in your workplace, I encourage you to ask questions, a dialogue if you can speak out loud, that’s great. If you can’t, perhaps try writing something down in a private space in your own little corner somewhere. And see if you can invite some communication with these, with the means to see what’s going on how you can help them, or why they’re there, or if they need anything from you at all, or they’re not supposed to be there how to help them move on. 

So workplace sensitives, Yes. We do get the spirits, we do get the non-physical entities here. I encourage you to explore without fear. I encourage you not to make a judgment that it’s necessarily a bad thing straight off the bat. I encourage you to invite a conversation, invite a dialogue and keep yourself clean and clear. You don’t need it following you home. Make your intentions known. Very, very clear. 

So if you have any questions, pop them in the comments or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram. You guys know how to find me, mediumbetsypalmer.com So I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you next time.

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