Medium Services

Would you like to deepen your connection with your guides? 

Who, or what, are your spirit guides?

How do you know if you have one? More than one?

Who are these beings that are watching, waiting, loving, and supporting you on your journey on Earth? 

Does it feel like someone is trying to get your attention?

There’s never a time when your spiritual team isn’t with you. 

Your guides have messages for you and want to connect with you.

Find out who is near you, and how they are helping you. Guides understand the deeper lessons your soul came here to experience, and are able to offer advice about what you can do to improve your sense of peace and joy.

"Thinking of spirit guides as only angelic beings, or former human beings is quite limiting."
-Betsy Palmer

Betsy Palmer has a gift.My reading with her was so spot on with all that is happening in my life, it was simply uncanny! My own guides spoke via her, with a lot of love and a little teasing. They insisted on me listening and heeding their advice. We don’t always trust our own instincts, but what has continued to amaze me, is that ever since my experience with Betsy, I have so much more faith in my ability to listen to my instincts. She passed that opening of insight on to me. I am so grateful having had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to many more sessions!

Review from Facebook

Betsy has always got something magical and inspirational going on! Check her out!!!

Review from Facebook