Learn more about Betsy Palmer’s medium services. 

Do you wish you could have one more conversation with a departed loved-one?

Do you wonder how they are doing on the other side?

It is possible to communicate across the veil. Your appointment with Betsy may provide remarkable insight to these questions.
Are you curious about your Spirit Guides?

Do you sense their presence nearby?

How can this relationship benefit your life?

Find out how to deepen your connection to them and communicate freely. We all have Guides that are willing and able to assist us, let’s meet yours.
Have you ever been someplace new, yet you felt as if you had been there before?

Have you ever met someone for the first time, but felt that you have always known them?

Could a past life be influencing your life today?

Break free from the cycles of karma by looking at the lessons we have carried with us from other lifetimes. Past life exploration has the power to set you free in the now.
Betsy Palmer is available locally on Maui, HI for group readings in a private setting. Great for friends or families who've lost a loved one and would like closure and healing. Please contact me for availability and more information.
"I loved my session with her....she was spot on with everything she told me. And the one thing I did not understand popped up 2 days later and I understood it. She was able to connect with my loved ones and help me to heal. I will recommend her to others and I will have many more readings with her in the future."
Rockford, IL


All Sessions

Medium, Past Life, Spirit Guide

$ 125
  • 60 Minutes
  • Phone, Video Chat, or In Person on Maui

Phone Readings

Consultations & Follow-Ups

$ 65
  • 30 Minutes
  • Get Answers to 1-2 Questions

How To Prepare

Tips for having the best session. 

1. Be Clear With Your Desire and Intention
The strength of your desire will greatly influence Spirits willingness to come forward and connect with us. Skepticism or disbelief can hinder the process.
2. Grounding Ceremony and Prayer
We always start with a clearing and grounding ritual to empty ourselves of expectations and to center our energy. The prayer will seal out any unwanted energies and ensure only spirits with your highest intention communicate with us. The prayer will seal out any unwanted energies and ensure only spirits with intentions for your highest good are able to communicate with us.
3. Get a Pen & Paper
You will benefit from taking notes so you don't forget any important messages from your spirit team. You can also download a recorder app such as to record your session.
"Betsy is amazing!! From the first moment, you will realize how gifted she is and how much she cares. She was able to to quickly connect with any issues, and more importantly my family on the other side. She is very kind. I will ask for her guidance again, and would recommend her gifts in an instance!"
Paia, HI

Clients are amazed and grateful for Betsy’s insight into their lives and connections made to the other-side. See what’s waiting for you!