Do you wish you could have one more conversation with someone you care about?

Connect with your loved ones "on the other side."

  • Do you long to reach out to a departed loved one?
  • Do you have questions about their passing?
  • Were there issues that went unresolved before their passing?
  • Have you had vivid dreams that seemed real?


It is possible to communicate across the veil, and your appointment with medium Betsy may provide remarkable answers to these questions.
Comforting and insightful, these sessions may help you find relief from unanswered questions and grief surrounding a loved one’s passing.

The strength of your desire will determine the strength of your connection.


The Process

Tips for getting the most out of your medium session.

Be Clear With Your Desire and Intention
The strength of your desire will greatly influence Spirits willingness to come forward and connect with us. Skepticism or disbelief can hinder the process.
Grounding Ceremony and Prayer
We always start with a clearing and grounding ritual to empty ourselves of expectations and to center our energy. The prayer will seal out any unwanted energies and ensure only spirits with your highest intention communicate with us. The prayer will seal out any unwanted energies and ensure only spirits with intentions for your highest good are able to communicate with us.
Get a Pen & Paper
You will benefit from taking notes so you don't forget any important messages from your spirit team. You can also download a recorder app such as Otter.ai to record your session.

I have worked with Betsy to connect with those who have crossed over as well as for her Mediumship Training. Betsy is grounded and gifted with her intuitive skills. Information flows to her freely and she is able to share with an accurate familiarity which provides comfort and reassurance.

Maui, HI