Aloha, I’m Betsy Palmer, welcome to my blog. Today, I am introducing myself to you folks, giving you an idea of who I am, what I do, and why I wanted to start a blog. I live in the state of Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui, and I’m very grateful to call that my home. I am a medium or a channel, you may have heard those terms. And what that means is that I am the type of psychic that receives information from the spirit realm or the Spiritual World. I pass that information on to others. It’s not anything I Intuit myself necessarily, it comes from unseen guides. That said, I’m not a fortune teller- I’m not ever going to try to predict the future for anyone. I don’t know when someone’s going to meet their soulmate, I’m sorry to say, and it also rules me out of the possibility of winning the lotto, unfortunately. 

What Does a Medium do?

 My job as a medium is to work as a conduit, to empty myself of my personality and become a vessel for information to pass through me to you.

 Much like a stereo system, if you imagine the receiver that’s plugged into the wall, it receives a signal, and it sends that signal down the wire to the speaker and the information is heard, coming out of the speaker. Well, I am the speaker, information from the spirit guides comes to me and passes through me out to you folks. And believe me, the guides are much wiser than I am and patient and very loving and very encouraging. They do love us very much. 

How Did I know I’m a Medium?

So the next question that I get a lot is probably, “How did I know, I was a medium?” Honestly, I’ve always been one. I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t have an awareness of unseen entities or energies or beings in the spaces around me. Now when I was very young, of course, this was pretty frightening, but I thought they were monsters- I didn’t understand what I was sensing. As I grew up, heard a little bit more about the metaphysical world and the new age movement, I became more curious and began studying and seeking in earnest. And slowly but surely, I started to develop my own skills. 

Where Does My Information Come From?

It comes from our spiritual teams. I believe we all have them. I think we have any number of spiritual guides around us, and they could be are not limited to certainly your loved ones that have crossed over to the other side of the veil or your ancestors, they could be your spirit guides or guardian angels that could be paths or celestial beings there, I’m sure there’s many more out there, as there are no limits. I don’t have a name for these energies. I know some mediums do assign or have been given a single name of what to refer to their channeled information. When I started receiving the information I did ask if there was a name attached and I was told that to “name me is to limit me”. And so there you have it! This means I’m free to receive information from anywhere. 

Why I Started My Youtube Channel and Blog

So, that said, now that I have grown into my intuitive skills, and I am comfortable with it enough where I can start a Youtube channel and a blog, and share these messages with a wider audience. One of the reasons that I wanted to start my YouTube channel was to give information and some content to others who also may be on the path of developing their own intuition, or perhaps you already are a reader, and they are looking for like-minded souls, a little bit of help in developing your skills or a little reinforcement on your path. I had always wished for a mentor when I was younger and I always cherish spending time with people who were on the same path, as I still do today. I cherish my friendships with the other intuitives so I know it’s deeply validating. I believe it’s, it’s important for my well-being, in my balance between the human world and the spiritual world. So there’ll be some tips and tools and things hopefully that you’ll find useful along the path for yourself. 

The other reason I wanted to start this channel was for those of you who have loved ones that have crossed over whether recently or some time ago, and you feel that there’s some resolution that needs to be found. Perhaps you need closure or one more conversation, or there were questions that were left unasked and unanswered. It’s my privilege to sit with people in these conversations because it’s moving, it’s healing. It’s a great relief, oftentimes to get these messages from folks on the other side. 

If you feel motivated to reach out and contact me please feel free to do so. I’ll try to answer questions as best I can and I am also available for appointments. I hope to see you again soon, as we say here in the islands of Hawaii, a hui hou!

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