Introducing Medium Betsy Palmer, New Logo and New Website

Welcome to All!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my new website. It is a dream come true for me to be able to share this information with everyone, near or far.

The wild year that was 2020 is definitely my inspiration. As the days in isolation ticked by, I was (luckily) introduced to a wonderful internet community of magical people from all around the globe. These new found friends brought me joy and connection during a time I was in need. My desire to foster those friendships was the driving force behind all of my 2020 internet projects. Instead of feeling loss from the weird experience of lock-down, I came into 2021 with a renewed sense of self. The kindness and support extended to me during that time I hope to now extend to all of you.

 Since this is an introductory blog, I would like to share my vision for my brand, represented by my logo.

The design consists of one central diamond, with a small version at each of the four points, and a bright center flare. While simple, it is actually a study on the concept of balance. As above, so below. Earth and sky. Human and spirit. Earthly body and heavenly body. North and south. East and west. Each point is equally opposed, just like the swinging of a pendulum, every action is met with an equal, and opposite, reaction. 

Balance is a delicate, yet powerful force, and reflected in all things on earth. 

It is also a very important component for sensitive and intuitive people, who must learn to straddle the line between heaven and earth on a daily basis. 

 We can all think of examples of people who are living their lives in a black or white world. One may be completely detached from any sense of spirit or their higher self. Others may be so far out into the cosmos that they struggle with everyday responsibilities of the material world. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with either way of being, lessons abound for us all. What I have found for myself is to be too attached to either way does not bring me joy or peace.  

  Today I strive to live a life of balance, with one foot firmly rooted on earth and the other in heaven. I have come to believe that it was very important to my spirit to incarnate into this lifetime, for specific reasons. As much as I love to spend time hanging out with spirits and guides, being here, right now, is very important. 

My logo represents this journey towards balance, peace, patience, and wisdom. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With Aloha,

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