Helping Souls Cross

Aloha, I would like to talk a little bit today about how a medium can help souls cross over into the light. This is one of my favorite aspects of what I do in service to the non-physical world. I have been asked on quite a few occasions by folks who feel like they’re being haunted or that there’s a ghost trying to contact them and, getting their attention for whatever reason, so of course I’m happy to step in. I do love this work.

 So, the first thing we do is, inquire, who is the entity, and what are they trying to communicate?

It could be a spirit guide trying to get your attention, or it could indeed be a soul who is trying to find help. They seek out, we sensitives, they try to get our attention because we’re aware of them. And so for them this is a great place to start when they’re trying to get some help, so they might touch us, we may hear them, they may leave things, they may take things, move things around in our home or in our environment, all in an attempt to get our attention because they want help. 

So, we can absolutely clear our space set our boundaries and our protections up, and we can ask the appropriate higher beings to come and assist the soul in crossing over. If they want to go. We set the stage for them, and they can make their choice.

 One of my favorite memories of doing this was when I lived in an old mining town. It’s a pretty well-known ghost town in Arizona. I had a great group of friends that would get together and we would have a channeling meditation group a couple of times a month. So, we were in my home space, and we had just kind of settled into our meditation space. But, before any messages from higher beings had come through to me I was aware of a human, adolescent girl, she was coming across the floor out of her belly and her arms and legs were sticking up in the air but like a spider, and on her face, she appeared to have a grimace that I interpreted initially as aggressive. And I very quickly communicated to her,

“Hey, what’s going on here, you’re frightening me, you need to go away. We don’t like dark entities here” and she very quickly in this effort that she was making as she was crawling across the floor on her belly she says,

“Hey, I’m not a demon, I’m stuck. Get me out of here.”

And she communicated to me that she had passed from a fever, probably in the early 1900s, at around age 12 or 13, very common in those days. And she had been stuck to the land ever since. I believe her family initially was in too much grief for her to feel like she could release and go away, that they kind of held her down close to them.

But, nevertheless, she was there she didn’t want to be there, she felt like she was stuck, literally, by, by her chest stuck to Earth. So I communicated this to the group, I asked them all to call in a higher light and the highest deities to help and to see if we could help her find the light, to see the light so she could move into it, and cross over. As this process was happening, which it did indeed, my landlord’s cat who was terrified of strangers, ran down the stairs into my apartment, and he made a complete lap around the room he went by each and every one of us sitting there right at the time when this young woman entered into the light. And as she was completely surrounded by the light, the cat ran upstairs with her. 

We hear about familiars all the time. Well, that was the case when, indeed, a familiar stepped in to help complete and make sure all the steps were covered. So, that being went to the light, we all felt that relief, and that release of that young woman. And so, yeah you can see why that was one of my favorite memories about lifting souls. I have others will share them later on down the road.

 But if you’ve ever wondered if you have a haunting going on, I would encourage you to reach out to someone because I myself don’t find a whole lot of really really bad, evil energies lingering in a sensitive person’s home. If you’re sensitive, if you’re a lightworker, if you prefer being on the light side of magic then I’m gonna bet that this entity is trying to get help. So, if you can touch the if you can tap in, ask them what they need. Try to begin a dialogue, a conversation, if that’s unsuccessful, and you’re uncomfortable or you just want some answers and some closure, then, by all means, reach out to a medium that’s on board with it. And yes, this can be done by Zoom it can be done by video. So, help is at hand, it’s within reach. And with that, I hope none of us will go to bed being afraid of ghosts and hauntings anymore, and I will look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments, or in an email to me, let me know what you think of this video I would appreciate it. And as always, from Maui, aloha, and a hui hou. 

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