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Find answers to common questions about mediums, channeling, spirit guides, and mediumship. 

A medium is a person with the ability to communicate with people and animals that have passed away (crossed over to the other side)

A channel is a person with the ability to communicate with non-physical beings

An empath is a person that is able to detect the feelings, emotions, and energies of other people, places, and things.

They act as a conduit, or translator, to share the messages your loved-ones or spirit guides offer you. The information from spirit passes through them to you.

Spirit guides, departed loved-ones, animals, celestial beings, elemental beings, angels,  extra-terrestrials, and more!

Every appointment begins with a brief grounding ceremony that clears the space and creates boundaries with the types of spirits that are allowed to communicate with us.

Our loved-ones are aware of our lives, and welcome our efforts to communicate with them. Our spirit guides also are very happy to share information with us whenever we reach out to them.

I believe we are all born with the innate ability to be a spiritual communicator. Not all lifetimes are meant to experience this path, so not every human feels drawn to it.

We call them ‘the clairs’ for Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (feeling), and Claircognizance (knowing)

Spend some time reflecting about what you hope to receive from your session. This will be a conversation you will be having with your loved-ones or guides. The strength of your desire to communicate with those on the other side will help facilitate the connection that allows Betsy to share their messages with you.

 24-hour notice is required to reschedule an appointment. A 50% refund for cancellations, and no refund for no shows. 


Tips for having the best medium session. 

Be Clear With Your Desire and Intention
The strength of your desire will greatly influence Spirits willingness to come forward and connect with us. Skepticism or disbelief can hinder the process.
Grounding Ceremony and Prayer
We always start with a clearing and grounding ritual to empty ourselves of expectations and to center our energy. The prayer will seal out any unwanted energies and ensure only spirits with your highest intention show up.
Get a Pen & Paper
You will benefit from taking notes so you don't forget any important messages from your spirit team. You can also download a recorder app such as Otter.ai to record your session.

Betsy is the best! She did a reading for me and it really helped me put a perspective on my situation. Don't wait, just book her!

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I’d love to share the messages spirit has for you.