Energetic Privacy

Aloha, thanks for joining me today. I would like to talk a little bit about boundaries and energetic privacy, and what this really means for us that identify as an empath. 

 Are you the kind of person that your friends and family call, and want to tell all of their stories about their troubles and their challenges, without really seeking any kind of resolution?

 Are you also the kind of person that complete strangers or upon first meeting someone new, give you very detailed and intimate and information about themselves?

 If you recognize yourself in this and you know who you are, you’re an empath!

 I will say that as an empath who is receptive to other people’s feelings, you’re going to attract people who need to get rid of these feelings. Oftentimes those people really aren’t good at processing their feelings and progressing in their journey, their emotional journey. So they look for receptive folks, sensitive folks like us to give them to. 

And many of us have grown up in families that lacked boundaries, and we believe that it is our duty, because of our family role to take on these feelings from others because they need to release them to feel better about themselves.  We’re taught that it’s our role, and it’s our job to do that for them. 

Well, I’m going to suggest to you that, that really doesn’t need to be true for you if it doesn’t serve you well. Other people don’t need to approach you to release their feelings. They need to process their feelings for themselves. We sensitives/empaths that allow others to offload their emotions on us are really enabling them not to progress. So we’re taking on a lot for other people, we’re taking on a lot of their responsibility and their duties to themselves, thinking that we’re being kind, by letting them release this. But really we’re just slowing down their process because when they run out of people that will take this information from them, then they’re going to have to do the work for themselves.

 So the good news is, without receiving this information from others. We now have the opportunity to really honor ourselves and our own journey and our own feelings and do our own work.

 Boundaries give us freedom, and I believe that it is a monumental step in the mastery of self-love. I believe, not accepting this role, and make no mistake, it is a volunteer position, and you can resign at any time if you feel like it’s not serving you. If you feel like you’re still learning from it, absolutely continue in that role. It’s your growth after all. If you feel like that burden of carrying those weights for others is no longer serving you, then I will encourage you to learn how to set up your own energetic boundaries. And that’s what my workbook is all about You Are Gifted. It is simple exercises to help you strengthen your own core, your, your energetic core understand yourself spiritually, a little bit more deeply, who you are and what your gifts, actually have to offer you that can help you go deeper, connect with your guides more, to lean on your intuition a little bit better. That’s what it’s all designed for so there are some really, really simple basic steps that you can begin practicing today to help you define your energetic boundaries, and help you decide how much you’re willing to take in from others. And that really is grounding, centering, and clearing. So, grounding to Mother Earth, centering yourself in your spiritual core and clearing, not only your inner landscape but clearing your environment from heavy energies are things that aren’t really serving you well. 

If you’d like to find out more there’s plenty of ways to get ahold of me here on the website. Please feel free to reach out, I promise I will get back to you as soon as possible. And if you’re curious about this at all. You can also find my book You Are Gifted on Amazon Kindle, and you can get started on that right away today, so thank you so much for sharing these few minutes with me and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon. A hui hou! 

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