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Sovereignty for Empaths, The Workshop

This four-session course is designed to help you understand how and why you are receiving spirit communication, and how to balance this awareness with your everyday life gracefully.

Topics Covered:

Alexis R.
Alexis R.Scottsdale, AZ

Betsy's guidance and mentorship has helped me grow my confidence in being a medium and has empowered my life so that I can help others. Her work is invaluable.

The Principles

I give you the tools I wish I had when I was younger and before I understood my abilities. 


Realize why signs, symbols, & synchronicities are forms of intuitive communication


Intuitive communication is real, it is safe to speak your truth and honor this path you are on.


You are experiencing an awakening process, and you are not alone. Embrace your gifts and abilities.


Learn the importance of psychic self protection. You will be provided with an easy to follow set of daily practices that will help you find your peace and balance.

If you have any questions, email us at support@mediumbetsypalmer.com
DesireeHouston, TX

I've had readings and guidance for at least two years. Man, she's helped me so much and not only is she on point, she gives the best guidance. Listen to her even if it's hard. She'd honest with you even if it's not what you want to hear. Everything she has told me has come to pass. She's very easy to talk to.

Common Qs And As:

Is this live or recorded?

The 4 week course is a live course but all classes will be recorded for you to review. You will be working one-on-one with Betsy and the other students so it is best to attend class live to participate in the exercises.

What if I don't have psychic abilities?

It is my belief that we are all born with psychic and intuitive abilities, but most people are conditioned to ignore them. We can uncover our gifts through practice and learning how to recognize it.

When does your course reopen?

My next course is TBD. Please subscribe to my newsletters to find out about future course openings and events.

Are you available to speak at my event?

Yes, I am available to speak at live or recorded events. Please contact me using the form on my website to make an inquiry.
Develop your intuitive gifts and unlock the secrets of your psychic abilities.
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