I’m a psychic medium based in Kihei, HI  with a love for
helping others communicate with spirit and develop
their own empathic abilities.


Born an empathetic intuitive in a family with psychic gifts, Betsy has been developing her skills throughout her life. She is a psychic medium, or channel, able to assist with you connecting to your loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and animal guides on the other side.

If you are curious about the role spirit and source consciousness plays in your life, her sessions can help you strengthen communication with them, and help you understand your place on your path of healing.

Mission Statement

Helping each other heal, grow and find peace through compassionate
communication with our guides and loved ones on the other side of
the veil.

This insight allows us to clearly see, and understand, the
purpose of our path.

By helping each other uncover the love and
wisdom that resides within us, we do our part to heal the world.

"My job is to work as a conduit, to empty myself of my personality and become a vessel for information from the spiritual realm to you."


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Psychic Life: I’ve been aware that non-physical beings (or spirits) share our world since childhood. My first experience as a medium was at age 8 when I had a benevolent ‘uncle’ Pedro communicating with me over the course of several months. My family was supportive of my intuition and encouraged me to develop my abilities. I began going to see psychics, astrologers & healers in my teens, read every book I could get my hands on, and attended classes & workshops whenever possible. These explorations include meditation, mindfulness, past-life regressions, shadow work, soul journeying, mind/body/health connection, spiritual churches, Buddhism, Taoism, and more. I strive to continue learning and growing as long as I remain here on earth.
I offer appointments with private clients, workshops, public mediumship events, and classes on Maui. I also participate as a guest speaker for live events and YouTube streams.


Mediumship: I began sharing messages with friends and family when I was a young adult, but waited for many years to begin working with the public. I had the opportunity to channel live for several months for a wonderful group of people that held a weekly meditation circle. I will always be grateful to them for giving me that opportunity and support.
I have found the work as a medium to be deeply rewarding, offering a space of healing and hope for those processing the passing of a loved one. I feel I do this in service to, and in partnership with, our Spirit Guides (who are much wiser than I). I believe my role is as a witness to this wondrous dynamic, and it is always my privilege to be a part of it.

Teacher and Author: You Are Gifted – the Workbook.  A guide for intuitive development for psychics and empaths to help you find sovereignty. 

Through this work, I have met many awakening intuitives/psychics/empaths who are seeking understanding of, and help with developing their abilities. The most frequent statement I hear is, ”You’re going to think this sounds crazy, but…”  I am here to tell you that I probably won’t think you are crazy at all, but instead are gifted. Many of us have spent our lives being told that we are “making it up” in our heads, our intuition can’t be trusted, and have received plenty of gas-lighting along the way. I encourage you to embrace your intuition and learn how to trust yourself and your Guides.

 I have developed this workshop and accompanying workbook specifically to assist you in this process.


Speechless!!! I have psychic abilities myself and we cannot read for ourselves as we tend to doubt our emotions, and cannot be unbiased in what we see. This was my first time reading with this amazing woman and it will not be the last!

I’d love to share my gift with you to help you gain insight and healing with messages from your loved ones across the veil.